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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

NONOH free call offer

Nonoh Voip provider offers free calls to many destinations (especially for Asian countries).

Its a good offer for those who reside in Portugal, Austria, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia & so on....

The nonoh offers free calls to the following countries namely,

Argentina (Landline), Australia (Landline), Austria (Landline), Belgium (Landline), Bolivia (Landline), Brazil (Landline), Bulgaria (Landline), Canada (Landline & Mobile), China (Landline & Mobile), Croatia (Landline), Czech Republic(Landline), Denmark (Landline), Estonia (Landline), Finland (Landline), France (Landline), Germany (Landline), Greece (Landline), Hong Kong (Landline), Hungary (Landline), Ireland (Landline), Japan (Landline), Latvia (Landline), Malaysia (Landline), Netherlands (Landline), New Zealand (Landline), Norway (Landline), Panama (Landline), Peru (Landline), Poland (Landline), Portugal (Landline), Puerto Rico (Landline), Romania (Landline) , Russian Federation (Landline) , Singapore (Landline), Slovak Republic (Landline), Slovenia (Landline), South Korea (Landline), Spain (Landline), Sweden (Landline), Switzerland (Landline), Taiwan (Landline), Thailand (Landline & Mobile), Turkey (Landline), United Kingdom (Landline), United States (Landline), Venezuela (Landline).

Hope we all know about the jajah low rates (free) offers to many countries.Everyone of them liked their service too.Likewise, NONOH offers very low rates to many destinations compared to jajah providers. Is'nt a good news to everyone of us.

lets discuss about the details about its working :

1) Enter into the nonoh & sign-up for free registration as a new user.
2) Firstly, you have to select the country & then the country code will given by them automatically.Now simply type in your phone number.
3) type your friend's or the other person phone no., whom do u like to call
4) Click "CALL" button
5)now your phone will ring, pick up and thereby you can start talking.

Even if the call disconnects after few mins, you could call them to the same no. & speak howmuch ever u like...Its a phone to phone call.

ok., Dudes Enjoy these free calls by calling u'r beloved one's....

let me know u'r comments p'lse...


DaftzoG said...

i started using nonoh found it very useful and cheap.

shakira said...

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